About Kristin

Things that Kristin loves: Fishing, singing, eating, eating, eating, Working as a phlebotomist at Sutter Medical Center in Santa Rosa, eating, eating, camping, oysters, Snoopy, watching the San Francisco Giants win World Series, keeping my garden of 5 flower pots alive, cooking, eating, eating, being a mom to the most perfect puppy and kitten in the world (Zoey and Jazzmine), spending time with her amazing family and friends, and most importantly, she loves Kyle Petersen...a lot.

About Kyle

Things that Kyle loves: Sharp cheddar cheese, fishing, sleeping, being manly...and ridiculously good looking, Giants baseball, 49er football, America, COPS, beer, Chuck Norris, pizza, sleeping, serving and protecting, super lotto and scratchers, sleeping, Weird Al Yankovic, consuming sriracha in large amounts, sleeping, taking naps, snoozing, taking his petite puppy Zoey for walks while trying to maintain his masculine image, and most importantly he loves Kristin Chiles.

How we met

On a warm June afternoon in 2010, Kyle Petersen, being his naturally macho, attractive self, was helping his dear friend Justin Lyons move into his new apartment. Justin's new roommate, Kristin Chiles, was home on a quick lunch break when the two boys decided to stop by and off load a truck of Justin's belongings. As Kyle walked through the door, Kristin turned to see a brilliant glowing light...it was as if an angel had just entered the room. It was there that these two strangers first laid eyes on one another. Kristin soon realized that the brilliant glow was coming from Kyle's buttery, soft, snow white skin...it was actually quite blinding. Once her eyes adjusted, she saw an incredibly stunning young man, wearing his finest blue Analy High School t-shirt. Kyle extended his hand and gave Kristin a firm "I-am-a-strong-man-but-no-matter-how-many-times-I-watch-Forrest Gump-I-still-get-slightly-emotional" hand shake. The two were instantly attracted to one another. Later that evening, Justin, Kyle and Kristin gathered with friends at a local pub for a mature, adult evening filled with Jello Shots. The two lovers spent the rest of the evening together, discussing important topics like 70's cover music, the importance of cheese, and how they'd survive a zombie apocalypse. It was at that moment that the two realized they had met their soul mates....and the rest, as they say, is history. :)

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